Help (FAQ)

Payments, moderation, verification

To get an answer to your question about payments, refunds, moderation and verification you should contact the support service. For this, you should follow these steps:

  • Log in to the application (or sign up if you have not already done so).
  • Go to the «messages» section.
  • Select the user «support».
  • Select the appropriate section and write your message.

In the section “general questions”, you can ask any question related to the functionality of the application.

The application does not work, what should I do?

First, try to clear your browser's cache and cookies, and disable all ad blockers. Also, you should check if the browser is allowed to use the webcam and microphone. Now, problems can occur in some browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and other legacy browsers that do not support modern technologies. Windows XP can have problems with any browser. We recommend you to use the latest version of Google Chrome and modern operating systems to all work correctly.

If you find bugs and errors in the application, inform the Administrator of this site. Attach screenshots and describe in detail under what circumstances the error appears. We are constantly improving the application and trying to fix problems within a short period.

The webcam is on but the app is not working

This can happen if the webcam is being used by another application or another browser tab. This is especially true for smartphones. Just close other browser tabs or applications that use the device's camera, and then refresh the page.

Are the VIP chat girls real?

All girls are 100% real, whether you have Premium or not. Moreover, all of them are verified by passport and photo. And they are also glad to see everyone because they are interested in communication too. If you come across girls who, in your opinion, turn on the recording, please report it immediately. To send a complaint you have to click the corresponding button.

How many girls are there in the chat?

In the VIP chat, the number of girls who are online at the same time is on average 5-7 thousand. Despite the limitations, real girls come across all the time with free communication. Statistically, women are less likely to visit dating sites than men are. In this regard, ordinary users have small functional limitations, namely:

  • You CAN’T chat with models.
  • After every 10 people, the search will be stopped for 5 minutes, after which you can continue the conversation.
  • You cannot add a user to friends, including people from the history of interlocutors.
  • You cannot read private messages.

Why do I need to register on the website?

Registration on the site is not required, but without it, the functionality will be limited. For example, you will not be able to read private messages, stay in the room for a long time, add friends, and receive gifts and “likes”.

For your comfort, you can get through a quick registration after you sign in with any social network. All your data, including your avatar, will be imported automatically.

Can I advertise on your site?

We do not place any advertisements on the site. All proposals for placing banners, different mailing subscriptions and anything else will be completely ignored.

How to contact the Administrator?

To contact the domain Administrator, use the feedback form. Please note that it will take time to process questions.