Website rules of conduct

This web page is a legally binding document. Therefore, this page is an integral part of the user agreement. Visitors are required to fully familiarize themselves with these rules before using the services of the site.

It is strictly FORBIDDEN for users (regardless of gender and age):

  • To being naked or semi-naked in front of the webcam.
  • To demonstrate the genitals.
  • To touch the genitals, even throw your clothing.
  • To demonstrate your underwear.
  • To demonstrate photo / video content of erotic / pornographic content.
  • To speak and / or write obscene words and offend interlocutors.
  • To turn off or cover the webcam, or point it at any place other than your face. Your face must be close-up in the camera.
  • To use freeze frames or show photo or video content trough the camera, even if you are shown in the photo or video by yourself.
    To promote or persuade other users to buy or sell any product or service.

Violators will be blocked. The duration of the blocking is determined by the Administration. The duration of the blocking may vary for different violations. Please note: your face must be in the frame, and if you are showing other parts of the body, they must not be naked.

Age restriction 18+

If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are a minor, we can ask you to provide some proofs of your age. If you do not provide the specified information, the Administration has the right to immediately terminate the agreement with you and terminate your membership in the service with or without adequate notice. If this agreement is terminated, your right to access and use the applications will be terminated too.

User avatar

When authorizing in the application, the system can automatically take a user photo and use it for the profile as an avatar. You can change it at any time using your personal account. It is strictly forbidden to use other people's photos as your avatar, otherwise it will be qualified as misleading.

Gestures check

We fight against video relaying in applications. Therefore, the moderator can connect to the broadcast and ask you to repeat the gesture after him. If you fail, your account will be blocked.